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A Guide to Renting

If you are interested in renting one of our available properties please contact our office on 0779 361 1903 or email to arrange a viewing.

All properties must be viewed internally before you can apply.

Viewing and Applying

Once you have found a suitable property you will be provided with an application form, which needs to be completed and returned to us at your earliest convenience to avoid disappointment. On returning the application you will be asked for the application fee:

  • £65 for the first application
  • £50 for a second person and subsequent applications if it is to be a joint tenancy

This fee is to be paid by cheque / bankers draft as we cannot accept cash. The application fee will cover you for the referencing and administration. If the application is rejected before referencing then a full refund is given, if however the application is put through for referencing and rejected or you do not take the property once accepted the application fee is non-refundable.

Rent and Deposit

Once your application has been confirmed a date and time for you to take the tenancy of the property will be established to suit both parties. You will be asked to pay a minimum deposit of the first months rent plus £100. This money must be paid by cheque or bankers draft at least seven days before the tenancy is due to begin to allow it to clear.

Moving In

On the tenancy start date you will meet a representative from JensenLet at the property to sign the relevant documentation including the agreements and schedule of condition. The schedule of condition is extremely important as it is the proof of what condition the property is in at the start of the tenancy and will be referred to at the final inspection.

Safety in Your New home

We will ensure that all gas appliances are safe and you will be given a current safety certificate at the start of the tenancy.

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